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View Release Notes for the latest Asset Score/Audit Template updates.


View the Resources page for a variety of materials to help you understand the process of using Asset Score/Audit Template.

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Asset Score

Asset Score is a national standardized tool that may be used to assess the physical and structural energy efficiency and identify retrofit potentials of commercial buildings using whole-building simulation. Learn More .

Getting Started: Collect building data, register for an account, log in, select the Asset Score tab from the home page, create a building, input data and submit for a score. View the Quick Start Guide for details.

Audit Template

The Audit Template tool may be used to create a standard building energy audit report and submit to selected jurisdictions to comply with local ordinances. Learn More .

Getting Started: Register for an account, log in, select the Audit Template tab from the home page, add a report, input building audit data and submit. View the Quick Start Guide for details.

New Jurisdiction? Contact us at for more information about how the Audit Template tool can help to support your local Building Performance Standards (BPS) and/or energy benchmarking ordinance.

A Quick Reference Instruction (QRI) document for users of the DC BEPS Energy Audit Report Template is also available.