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View Release Notes for the latest Asset Score updates.


View the Resources page for a variety of materials to help you understand the process of using Asset Score.
Developers may refer to the Asset Score API documentation.

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Asset Score

The Department of Energy Building Energy Asset Score is a national standardized tool that may store user-provided data and generate an asset score and system evaluation of the envelope, mechanical and electrical systems for your commercial building. The tool will also identify cost-effective upgrade opportunities and help you gain insight into the energy efficiency potential of your building.

Getting Started: Collect building data, register for an account, log in, select the Asset Score tab from the home page, create a building, input data and submit for a score. View the Quick Start Guide for details.

Audit Template

Asset Score includes an Audit Template tool that may be used to create a standard building energy audit report and submit to selected jurisdictions to comply with local ordinances.

Getting Started: Register for an account, log in, select the Audit Template tab from the home page, add a report, input data and submit the report. View the Quick Start Guide for details.